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4 Tips for Running a Better Dishwasher

4 Tips for Running a Better Dishwasher

Westinghouse’s latest range of dishwashers is packed full of clever features and it’s got us thinking: how does one get the most out of their dishwasher? We use them so much, loading and unloading is second nature to most people, even if our habits aren’t the best. We’ve come up with a few tips for choosing and running your new dishwasher.

1: Know where everything goes

There’s sound reasoning behind the positioning of plates down the bottom and glasses up the top. The bottom of a dishwasher has more powerful jets, and so allows for more thorough cleaning of very dirty items, like plates.  Meanwhile, the top rack is more sensitive for glass and plastics.

2: Don’t overload it

An overloaded dishwasher will never clean very well! The racks on each level form a very good guide of how much should be loaded where. If it’s overdone, water won’t be able to reach everywhere it needs to. This rule also applies to cutlery, whether you’re loading a basket, or have a cutlery drawer up top.

3. Use Sensor Wash

Sensor wash is one of the best features in newer dishwashers, detecting the size of the load and tailoring the wash cycle and water use appropriately. Sensor is appropriate for regular washing, where time is less of a factor. Otherwise, a Westinghouse dishwasher has settings for fast washes, rinsing, and heavily soiled items.

4. Clean out the food trap

A dishwasher is designed to catch the bits of larger food washed away from dishes. The good news: food traps at the bottom of a unit were once difficult to detach, but newer models make the process much easier! This trap should be emptied regularly, to prevent the dishwasher from starting to smell.


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