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5 Common Stains and how to Treat Them

5 Common Stains and how to Treat Them

It’s quite impressive really how common stains always know exactly when and where to land on a crisp white shirt. Just dropping off the kids to school before heading out for a meeting? Better make sure they don’t have leftover jam from their breakfast on their fingers. Having a bacon and egg roll for breakfast? You’ll be sure for the BBQ sauce to land on your work dress right down the front for all the world to see.

Successfully getting rid of stains can be a difficult task. It’s not as easy as throwing them into the washing machine – there are thousands of possible chemical compositions that can cause a stain to react with a fabric. There are also thousands of different fabrics and at least as many tips on the internet on how to remove them. Below, we collected the 10 most common stains and how to remove them to make your life a bit easier.


Use warm water as soon as the wine is spilled. Apply salt and let it soak for as long as possible. On carpets, this is usually overnight. Dab the salt off and if the stain is not vanished, use a little bit of detergent (don’t use normal soaps as these could cause the stain to become permanent) and lay the fabric face down on a paper towel. Rinse and wash normally.


Rinse as soon as possible with cold water. Soak the garment in lukewarm water with detergent for 15 minutes. Treat the stain with household ammonia or an enzyme cleaner if you happen to have one handy. Wash in a separate load.


Treat the affected area immediately with lukewarm water. As soon as you can, submerge the fabric in warm water with detergent. Additionally, a pre-wash treatment can also be used. Take the garment out of the water, dab the stain with detergent and place it face down on a paper towel. Let stand until the paper towel has absorbed most of the moisture and grease and repeat if needed. Wash normally.


Use lukewarm water to soak the fabric instantly after the stain appeared. Put a little detergent (or vinegar diluted in water) directly onto the discolouration and wash in the hottest setting possible for the affected fabric. Don’t use powder or a bar of soap as this can cause the coffee to react with the fabric and will make it harder to get the stain out. Depending on the fabric, you could also use wet wipes as an emergency solution after soaking the stain in lukewarm water.


Sweat & Yellow Armpit Stains

Normally, these types of stains should be easily removable with hot water and detergent. If the yellow colour doesn’t disappear completely, you can soak the fabric in warm water and sprinkle a little bit of salt over the affected area. Alternatively, you could also use an enzyme cleaner (like for blood stains).