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5 Kids Stains and How to Treat Them

5 Kids Stains and How to Treat Them

Having kids certainly is a blessing, but mothers know how much work it can be to clean up after them. After a while it seems like you’re not only their mum but also their cook, cleaner, and personal laundromat. It can be tricky business getting rid of stains in the first attempt, so we researched the best mum-tested methods to eliminate typical kid stains from all kinds of fabric.

Ketchup/Tomato/BBQ Sauce

Take off all the excess sauce with a spoon, be careful not to push it back even further into the fabric. Cover the stain in liquid detergent and turn the garment inside out to rinse the stain with cold water from underneath. Again, this is to avoid getting the tomato sauce even deeper into the fabric. Afterwards, you can wash the item normally in the washing machine.


Freeze any soft crayon spots and scrape them off. You might want to put the garment into a plastic bag before putting it in your freezer to avoid getting all sorts of bacteria in there. If any stains are remaining, you can place the fabric between two paper towels and press with a warm iron. This will transfer the crayon onto the paper towels. Replace the paper towels very frequently so the stain doesn’t transfer to other areas.

Usually, this should do the trick but if there are still stains remaining, treat them with prewash stain remover, blot and let it dry. Wash the garment with bleach that is appropriate for the fabric.

Grass Stains

Soak the fabric in warm water and detergent and use a stain treatment specifically for grass before washing the garment as usual. Check if the stain has disappeared before putting the clothes in the dryer, as this may cause the stains to become permanent.

Mud or Dirt

Let mud dry, then scrape or shake off as much as possible before starting to treat the stains. Use lukewarm water to remove as much dirt as possible and apply detergent directly onto the remaining stains. Let it soak for 30 minutes, rinse off and repeat the process if necessary. Wash normally and use bleach for really persistent mud and dirt stains.

Stain Soak

Urine & Faeces

As all other bodily fluids, urine and faeces contain proteins which are why you should not use hot water to treat these stains as they can become set in the fabric which makes it almost impossible to remove them.

Rinse the affected fabric as soon as possible in cool water, add detergent to another bowl of cold water and agitate the fabric in there. Drain the bowl and set up a new one, soaking the garment for 30 minutes. Wash immediately as recommended for the fabric.