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5 Reasons to Get Dad a Beard Trimmer for Father’s Day

Once upon a time, it was considered very rugged and manly to grow a beard. Then, for some reason, a little bit of scruff fell out of favour with polite society and being clean-shaven was the only way to go. For some dads this rule has stuck, and the idea of growing a beard is unthinkable. But facial fuzz is more popular than ever; it has well and truly hit its stride, and looks like it’s here to stay.

Of course, rocking a beard is not as simple as letting your facial hair run free. Just like the hair on your head, a beard needs to be maintained with the right tools, all of which can be found in a beard trimmer pack.

With that in mind, here are 5 excellent reasons to get dad a beard trimmer for Father’s Day.

No more expensive razors

Have you seen the cost of razors in the shops lately? Keeping clean-shaven is not a cheap exercise, especially when they cost around $5-7 per blade, and you’re only likely to get a handful of shaves out of it.

Saying goodbye to disposable razors means more money in dad’s pocket in the long-run, and you can bet he’ll be chuffed about that.

Remington Titanium ALL-IN-1 Rechargeable Grooming System

Remington Titanium ALL-IN-1 Rechargeable Grooming System

The Hipsters were right

So “dad” and “cool” might not be two words that often go together, but there’s no escaping it: beards are cool. Dad might not be ready to go full-hipster just yet (and hopefully he never will be), but the bearded look is definitely distinguished.

Smooth out the sandpaper

A two-day post-shave growth is super scratchy on both a man’s face, and the face of anyone unfortunate enough to kiss him. But as the beard grows out, the hair soften, and feels a lot gentler to the touch.

If nothing else think of your mum. She’ll thank you, since she won’t be exfoliating every time she kisses dad.

Father Nose Best

This one’s for anyone who has looked at dad recently and seen a veritable forest growing out of his nostrils. It is something that happens as men get older but still… it’s a little gross.

Anyway, many beard trimmer packs also contain attachments for nose hair trimming, like this set from Remington.

Join the Ranks of Great Bearded Men

George Clooney. Tom Hanks in Castaway. Santa Claus.

What do they all have in common? Beards. Glorious, fuzzy, beards. Who wouldn’t want to join those prestigious ranks?