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Bring Home Entertainment to Life with Pioneer

Bring Home Entertainment to Life with Pioneer

In this extremely connected world we live in, funnily enough it’s the products that work wirelessly that we desire most. If you’re looking to declutter and streamline your home entertainment, then take a look at this next model from Pioneer.

Relish the freedom to enjoy music anywhere with Pioneer’s A1 Wireless Speaker (XW-SMA1-K), $199. Requiring no cables, only one touch of a button and the A1 speaker connects and streams music straight from a PC, Mac or smartphone through one of the many options available on the system: Apple’s AirPlay for iTunes; DLNA; Wireless Direct (which allows the speaker to act as its own wireless access point so home network is needed), or Wi-Fi. Even volume, amplitude and quality can all be controlled from any wireless Apple or Android device.  No digital connection? Digital playback and charging are also available through a USB connector. Design-wise, the A1’s lightweight casing is designed to reduce sound distortion and is compact for easy travelling. Plus it has two bigger brothers in the A3 (XWSMA3K) which offers the freedom of a built-in rechargeable battery, and the A4 (XWSMA4K) which boasts a beefy subwoofer for that extra bass you so desire.

If you like your music and you like it loud, the Pioneer Todoroki 520 Home Theatre System (TODOROKI523), $978, is a good, affordable option. Here Pioneer has combined a VSX523 receiver with their 5.1 Todoroki speaker package.  Todoroki translates to “roar of thunder” and that’s what’ll you get: the six panel speakers and sub-woofer effortlessly re-create the cinema experience in your home. It’s equipped with Pioneer’s Advanced Sound Retriever feature which filters and cleans all sound before sending it through the speakers. There’s iPod/iPhone connectivity and just one HDMI cable is all you’ll need to hook the system up to a flat screen television. Not only for music, the Todoroki can also stream videos and directly from your device to the TV. There are only a few controls on this system so you can get straight down to business without having to play around with different dials and settings.

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