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A Hi-Tech Washer That’s Easy On The Water Bill

A Hi-Tech Washer That’s Easy On The Water Bill

Sometimes when we hear the words “hi-tech” in relation to an appliance we immediately think “not user friendly”.

Back in the day when manufacturers first began experimenting with new, fandangled features and functions, they naturally turned out rather clunky.

Now, after a few decades of finessing applied science, white goods manufacturers have got hi-tech down pat.

Take this Beko 7kg front load washing machine. It’s got Smart Technology written all over it – and all the better for it.

The stand out feature of this Beko washing machine is its heater: made from a state-of-the-art nickel metal surface, it has an extended life of up to 100 times more than standard heating elements.

Are you a pet lover? Then you can appreciate how stubborn pet hair is when you’re trying to get it out of your clothes. Thankfully, Beko developed a clever washing function specially designed to remove pesky pet hair from your laundry.

The best technologies are those which allow an appliance to go easier on both the environment and on your wallet. Beko’s 7kg front load washer features a system that automatically reduces the water for half or small loads!

And lastly, one more great thing about this washer: purchase one by 31st July 2014 and you can claim a bonus $50 gift card! Claims need to be received by Betta by 5pm (EST) 10th August 2014.

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Header image by Flickr user Moon Lee