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A Refrigerator for the Goldilocks in All of Us

A Refrigerator for the Goldilocks in All of Us

Choosing a fridge can make you feel like you’re living out Goldilocks’ story: you want one that’s big enough to house all your family’s favourite goodies from the supermarket yet also one that will fit comfortably inside your kitchen.

Some factors Goldilocks didn’t think about when turning the Three Bears’ house inside out but which you should consider when buying your new fridge are noise (loud whirring in the middle of the night is less than desirable) and lighting (digging around inside your fridge is difficult enough without poor lighting). The LG 515L Top Mount Refrigerator, $798, fares very well with all of the above – it’s the perfect size for a large family, as quiet as a mouse and has bright LED lighting.

In fact, the LG Top Mount fridge is an all-rounder when it comes to style, design and performance with a sleek, white finish and plenty of cool features such as: a frost-free top mount freezer (no more constantly bending down to pull out frozen produce), adjustable tempered glass shelves, removable twist ice tray, an integrated deodoriser and, finally, LG’s fancy, signature ‘BioShield’ door seals which prevent the growth of bacteria and mould, maintain the fridge’s temperature and keep your food fresher for longer. Goldilocks could only dream of so many options!

Buy an LG Top Mount Refrigerator from any of our stores or online between Saturday 1st June and Sunday 30th June and save $70! Click here to find your nearest Betta Home Living  store.

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