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Back on the Microwave Train With The LG MS2042D Microwave

Back on the Microwave Train With The LG MS2042D Microwave

Contrary to popular belief, microwaves are a fantastic way to cook food and still retain their nutritional value. Studies have shown that microwave cooking doesn’t have any effects on the macro-nutrients of foods and, in fact, popping something into a microwave oven is better than boiling it for minimising vitamins seeping into the cooking water. That microwaves are more than fine for cooking is great news since they’re so efficient and convenient.

With that in mind, we thought we’d spotlight the nifty little LG MS2042D 20L microwave. It has a number of innovative features that make it the ideal microwave for a busy lifestyle.

LG MS2042D 20L Microwave

It’s important that food put in a microwave is cooked evenly through and through as bacteria may survive in bits that are left undercooked. Rest assured your food will be heated just right in this LG microwave, thanks to an intelligent technology system called i-wave which ensures the heat is distributed more evenly. It even has specially designed slots to assist this. Another great feature is the i-sensor feature which automatically adjusts the microwave’s cooking time and power level based on what’s been placed inside.

The eco-minded will be happy to know that the LG MS2042D microwave is energy-efficient; when it’s on stand-by you can save power simply by pressing the Display-off button. It also requires minimal cleaning thanks to its dense structure and low surface energy – all you’ll need to do is a quick wipe over with a damp cloth.

It has a 700W power output and 20L cooking capacity which is perfect for smaller families. On the easy-to-use control key pad you’ll find 6 auto menus and 11 power levels. Enjoy the diverse pre-programmed global menu of favourite regional dishes which have been devised by cooking professionals!

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