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Beating the Summer Heat

Beating the Summer Heat

For all the fun that an Aussie summer brings with it, we all know it has one unpleasant side: homes tend to heat up like ovens, making it hard to relax in the day and harder to sleep at night. Of course you’ll want to cool your home down, and we’ve got some ideas to help you do it.

The key part of beating the summer heat in your home is always going to be an air conditioner. It’s important to choose the right split system air conditioner for the room you’re installing it in, and you’ll want to install it where it can have the greatest impact possible. Think about the shape of your home and how the air will flow to ensure you’re cooling the largest area you can.

To avoid an outrageous power bill after summer, there are a few simple steps you’ll want to take to assist the cooling, meaning you won’t need to crank the air-conditioner to its maximum setting. The first (and maybe simplest) thing is to make sure you’re closing all doors and windows where the air conditioner is running. Get the whole family into this habit and you’ll stop the cold air going to waste.

You should also try to keep any windows that face directly east or west covered as much as possible in the day hours, since the blazing hot direct sun can bring a lot of heat. If your home has more than one level, remember that the as hot air rises, the bottom level will always be naturally cooler.

For rooms beyond the air conditioner’s reach, try a smaller, portable fan to offer relief from the heat.  They come in a range of shapes and sizes, so you have plenty of options to suit your space. If you prefer a quieter option, Dyson’s range of bladeless fans circulate air without any spinning blades. This also makes them safer options for keeping young children cool. If you have both an air conditioner and a fan, consider using them together. A fan can push the cold air from the air-conditioned space into another room.

Dyson bladeless fan

Dyson Air Multiplier™


Enjoy the summer!

Betta is a complete end-to-end solution for air conditioners. Our experts can help select the unit that’s right for you, as well as installing it in your home and showing you how to get the most out of it.

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(photo by Anosmia)