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Become a Slow Cooker King or Queen



Winter is here and there is nothing better than a wholesome, hearty slow cooked meal. Whether you are new to using a slow cooker or have been cooking with one for years, here are five slow cooker tips and tricks that will turn you into a slow cooker king or queen.

Use the right size pot

There are a range of different size slow cookers to fit everyone’s needs. Some people need a large pot to feed a hungry family and others may just be cooking for themselves. It is important to choose the right size pot for your cooking needs to ensure that your pot is not overflowing or being under filled. This will leave your meat beautifully cooked and tender all the way through and you won’t end up with any pieces that are under or overcooked.

Brown your meat to get maximum flavour

If you are wanting to get the most flavour out of your meat when slow cooking it, try browning it before you add it into the slow cooker. This will leave a crust on the outside of the meat that is packed full of flavour which will turn your ordinary slow cooked meals into something truly amazing.

Keep a lid on it

While it is extremely tempting to open the lid of your slow cooker and have a look at how everything is cooking don’t do it! Only lift the lid when you actually need to, every time the lid is taken off the heat escapes, meaning more time will need to be added in order to allow for the pot to reach temperature again.

Be mindful of liquids

Because the lid is always on when slow cooking, this means that the moisture in the pot is retained. Be mindful on how much liquid you add to the pot, as most liquid will not thicken very much at all. The same can be said about adding wine to your meal. A little bit will go a long way, as the wine will not evaporate out of the pot like it would a normal pot. It is always better to add a little more rather than pour too much in at the start.

Cook it nice and slow

If you are wanting to get the most flavour out of your slow cooked dish, the best thing to do is to double the cooking time and have the pot set to low. Although having your pot on high and cooking it for half the time will usually be perfectly fine, the longer the flavours have to develop in the pot the better the result will be. To break up the richness of your meal and brighten up the flavours, try adding a sprinkle of fresh herbs right at the end to finish off your dish and enjoy!

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