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Betta Breakfast Month

Betta Breakfast Month

Believe it or not, September is Better Breakfast Month! We’re all for healthy and nutritious eating, particularly when it comes to the most important meal of the day – so we’ve conveniently re-named it ‘Betta Breakfast Month’ here.

To help you get into the spirit and offer some inspiration for the rest of the month to better your breakfasts, here are some healthy and delicious ways you can shake up your morning starts:

  • It’s spring! Make the most of seasonal produce and kick off the day with fresh fruit, freshly squeezed juice, or a homemade smoothie. Check out our range of juicers and blenders if you need some new equipment.
  • Ditch sugary, processed cereal and go for whole grains like oats, amaranth and quinoa – all of which are also great for porridge.
  • Give breakfast the kudos it deserves and try having it for lunch and/or dinner as well. Or, how about the other way around? Turn a burrito into a breakfast burrito by swapping out the meat and rice for scrambled eggs on a whole-wheat tortilla. Tuna on toast is another tasty way to do the lunch-breakfast switcheroo.
  • Speaking of eggs, forget fussing with pans during the morning rush and cook them in the microwave.
  • For added nutrients, sprinkle chia seeds, ground flaxseeds or LSA (ground linseeds, sunflower seeds and almonds) over your breakfast.
  • Looking to cut your caffeine intake? Substitute coffee with green tea.

What’s your better breakfast tip? Share in the comments below!

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(photo by cobaltfish)