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Betta Christmas Gift Guide 2014

Betta Christmas Gift Guide 2014

Have you been singing “All I want for Christmas is to not have to do my Christmas shopping” along to yourself?

It’s a tune we all know very well, and it doesn’t get any quieter each year.

So, what we at Betta like to do when Christmas is about to creep up on us again, is help you out with your nice list. Take inspiration from our personal Christmas gift favourites below.

For the Movie Buff

There’s at least one movie buff in every family. Sure, you could buy them another DVD box set this year. Or, you could think outside the square… Why not help them transform their living room into their very own entertainment centre? A sleek sound bar is simple to set up and they can instantaneously enjoy high quality audio when watching their favourite movies.

Also, most sound bars these days have wireless and Bluetooth connectivity so they’ll be able to hook up their phone or other device and listen to their favourite tunes through proper speakers.

Samsung 2.1 channel sound bar

Samsung 2.1 channel sound bar

For the Tech-thirsty Tween

If your tween has been begging for a mobile phone all year, a basic prepaid one is a good option. The advantage with prepaid is that you can keep track of what is being spent. An inexpensive phone is best so that if they lose or break it (which is likely!) the fall out isn’t as bad as with a high-end smartphone.

Telstra Prepaid Samsung Galaxy Young Blue

Telstra Prepaid Samsung Galaxy Young Blue, powered by Android Jellybean 4.1 and featuring a 3MP fixed-focus camera with video.

For the One Saving for a Holiday

What’s the number one thing you should stop doing when you’re trying to save? Buying takeaway coffee! At $3 – $4 a pop, and with many people having at least two a day, well… you can do the math. Do a favour for your loved one who’s trying to save by gifting them an espresso machine so they can make their morning coffee hit at home.

Breville Café Venezia EspressoCappuccino machine

Breville Café Venezia Espresso/Cappuccino machine

For the Budding Baker

Is there a budding baker in the house? Set them up this Christmas with the right equipment. They’ll appreciate a Kenwood bench mixer, which is a home baker’s best friend for preparing everything kind of deliciousness, from pastry and cakes, to bread and pizza dough. Not to mention it’s a beautiful addition to the kitchen bench – this is not the kind of appliance you want to store out of sight!

Kenwood Patissier Food Mixer, Red

Kenwood Patissier Food Mixer, Red

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Happy Holidays from the Betta team!

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