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Blend and Go with the ‘Mix & Go’

Blend and Go with the ‘Mix & Go’

We’ve all been there-

The initial excitement at the idea of whizzing up a smoothie. But then we realise it’s hardly ever just a matter of a simple whizz. After the whizz there’s the rummage-around-for-an-appropriately-sized-glass-or-bottle, and then it’s the leave-the-mixer-for-someone-else-to-wash-up-later.

George Foreman – pioneer of the health grill – say it’s time for no more buts; instead try their new compact blender Mix & Go.   

Pop your ingredients into the bottle, attach the blade, place the bottle onto the base and twist to blend. Once beautifully blended, untwist the bottle, swap the blade attachment for the bottle lid and off you go!

We’re speeding towards the heart of the winter, that time of the year where it’s so important to stay on top of your nutrition not only to keep your immune system strong, but also to help you come out the other end looking and feeling summer fit.

It’s mind-boggling how a blender so compact can blitz up chunks of ice without even batting an eyelid (if it had an eyelid to bat, that is); it only takes a few seconds for the blades to work their magic!

The George Foreman Mix & Go comes with two drink bottles – with 600ml capacity each – so you don’t have to worry about hurriedly washing out the first bottle before blitzing up another delicious concoction.

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