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Blitz and Go with the Blitz2Go

Blitz and Go with the Blitz2Go

On the run; rushing to work; trying to make it to that yoga class; picking the kids up from soccer practice – this is what life feels like for so many of us these days. It’s no wonder a lot of people find it hard to not only make the time to prepare nutritious meals, but they also struggle to find the time to eat them! The Kambrook Blitz2Go is one of those small appliances that can make your life a whole lot easier.

There are a few more simple things you can do to make it easier for yourself to keep your health (and peace of mind!) on track. The key is to plan, plan and plan. Even plan your “no plans” time!

  • Allocate a few hours one day a week to cook meals for the week ahead. Sunday night is a good choice as it’s when everything is a little quieter. If you have enough freezer space, you could even cut your cooking sessions down to once a fortnight or once a month – just cook in bulk and freeze meals in batches.
  • Stock up on frozen vegetables and fruit like berries and cut up mango so you always have a supply of healthy ingredients on hand.
  • Plan your gym roster for the week ahead and be as strict about it as you would with important appointments. After a week or two you’ll get used to your gym schedule, and then you’ll find it hard to keep yourself from going!
  • Kill two birds with one stone. If there’s a friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with for a while, ask them if they’d like to go for a nice park or coastal walk – this way you’ll also squeeze in some physical activity for the week.
  • Be prepared for those days you know you won’t have time to sit down and eat. The Kambrook Blitz2Go is a great little blender which allows you to make and drink smoothies, juices and protein shakes in the same bottle. Leave a Blitz2Go at the office so you can whiz up quick liquid lunches or post-gym protein shakes. It comes with 2 x 600ml and 1 x 300ml BPA free plastic bottles which you blend your drinks in – just remove the blade holder and replace with drinking lids to sip on the go. Our blog features some delicious smoothie and breakfast recipes which are perfect for the Blitz2Go!

Kambrook Blitz2Go

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