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6 Things to Think About When Buying a new Washing Machine

6 Things to Think About When Buying a new Washing Machine

So you’ve decided you need a new washing machine but you’re unsure as to how to select the right one for your particular needs. Here we’ll provide a list of 6 key things you should think about when finding the right machine for your family.

1. Noise level during operation

This is important for any household whether you’re in your own stand-alone house, town house or apartment, it’s always crucial to have a machine that operates quietly. Especially if you’re wanting to put on a load late at night when members of your household, or your neighbours, are trying to sleep.

Look for washing machines that have a brushless motor. Why? Because machines with a conventional motor produce mechanical energy with the help of a brush, and during the motor rotation the brush friction creates heat, which also creates noise. Brushless motors use magnets to produce their energy, and if you have no brushes then guess what? You have no noise. A great example of a washing machine with brushless motor technology are Beko front loaders. These machines have a Prosmart Inverter Motor that is whisper quiet.

2. Energy efficiency

Most of us want to use less water and energy, but not if that means our clothes don’t get cleaned properly! Believe it or not, every little design innovation counts.

First, have a look at the washing machine’s energy rating and water ratings ­­­- the more stars the better. Then do some research on the product to see what innovative approaches the brand has taken to improve the technology.

Beko’s front loaders use OptiSense technology, which means you get a perfect wash every time, using less water and energy due to having:

  • A spin speed sensor,
  • A power protection sensor and
  • A foam sensor.

Beko’s Prosmart invertor motor also contributes to lower energy consumption.

Washing machines can be expensive but sometimes the investment is worth it in the long term as you’ll save money on your energy and water bills, with the added bonus of giving the environment a big hug.

3. Warranty: What exactly is covered and how long will it last?

This is where we all get caught. Don’t expect that EVERYTHING is covered under warranty. The most important (and expensive!) piece of machinery that should be included in the warranty is the motor. Make sure you know what exactly is protected and for how many years, then weigh up which brand suits your needs more. For example, Beko’s washing machines have a 10 year warranty on their Prosmart inverter motors, which is particularly handy for families who need peace of mind.

4. Ease of use

Everyone has their own requirements, so as a starting point make a list. Think about what you ‘have to have’ in terms of functionality in a washing machine, then add what would be ‘nice to have’. Things to think about:

  • LCD screen or no screen?
  • How big of a range of programs do you want? For example quick wash, delicates, anti-allergy, pet hair removal, etc.
  • Do you want automatic capabilities? Some machines can decide for you the optimal level of water that needs to be used in a wash.

5. Size and capacity

Firstly measure up the height, width and depth of the space the washing machine is going to be placed. This will determine how large you can go.

Next consider your situation: Is it just for you? Or a group of house mates? Or for your family? The size of the washing machine depends on how many people will need it. Always get advice from the instore specialists too, they sell these things every day and will help you determine the most suitable size.

6. Appearance

If you’re spending the money on a new washing machine why wouldn’t you find one that best suits the environment it will be located in? Think front loaders or top loaders, as well as what colour you prefer: White, black or silver? You may even find some other colours depending on the brand.

beko washing machine

Finding a new washing machine shouldn’t be an impulse purchase, it’s something that will play a central role to the running of your household, so put in the time to find the perfect fit. To see what washing machines are available to purchase or rent talk to one of our specialists.