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Create the Cinema Experience at Home

Create the Cinema Experience at Home

Going to the movies is a magical experience; it’s fun, entertaining and a great escape from everyday life. Sometimes, though, you just want to stay in, cuddle under a blanket and make as much noise as you want munching on your favourite snacks. You can even sneak in a cheeky glass of wine or a fun cocktail…

Here’s how we create the cinema experience at home:

The right setup

For the full effect, ideally you’ll have a high definition, big screen TV that provides great picture quality. Surround sound is also extremely important (this is the secret to bringing the cinema into your home). We suggest investing in a quality, all-in-one home theatre system or, alternatively, opt for the more traditional amplifier and speaker package (like this one from Pioneer) and pair it with either a DVD or Blu-ray player.

Don’t underestimate the power of your seating arrangement; being comfortable is a big part of what makes the movie experience. Get a cosy armchair, or why not go all out and grab yourself a home theatre lounge chair to laze on? Next: pile on cushions, cushions, and more cushions.

Prepare your snacks and drinks

More butter, less butter, paprika, caramel, or plain and simple – enjoy popcorn your way with a popcorn maker.


Pull out the blender to whip up a cocktail (or mocktail if the kids are invited!) to wash down the salty (or sweet) popcorn goodness. For a quirky touch, match your drinks to the movie’s genre: Bloody Marys for a horror flick; piña coladas for a surfie film; martinis for a James Bond marathon.  Craving something bubbly? Make your own soda with a Soda Stream!


The one drawback of watching a movie at home is it’s all too easy to get distracted. Impose a “no devices” rule; your social networks can wait to hear how great the movie is until after you’ve seen it.


Set the mood by turning down the lights and you’re ready to roll.

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(photo by m4tik)