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Double, Double, Boil and Trouble

Double, Double, Boil and Trouble

What makes the perfect espresso? Coffee has the power to incite passions like no other and this is a question that starts many a heated discussion all over the world. Most coffee connoisseurs would agree that the espresso is the definitive brew where a rich, velvety, full-bodied aroma is the key to caffeine heaven.

Making an espresso is no mean feat; it’s a precise formula honed through training, experience and the right equipment. A quality espresso is all about the blend, the grinder, the skill of the barista and, of course, the machine it’s made with.

What does it take to be a great coffee machine, though? If you’re looking for a machine that will brew you exceptional espressos, then you need one with quality boilers, durable parts, and is easy to use. In its Dual Boiler BES900, $1399, Breville has combined the best of commercial coffee machines with sleek and elegant design to produce one that certainly packs a punch. At its heart is a dual stainless steel boiler heating system  where one boiler brews the espresso shot while the second offers powerful steam on demand – meaning you can simultaneously extract your shot and steam your milk, both to café-quality perfection. The BES900 also offers an Over Pressure Valve which regulates the maximum pressure during the bean extraction process, keeping the brew from turning into that age old enemy of coffee connoisseurs: bitter. Then there’s the low pressure pre-infusion that works to gently expand the coffee grinds, enhancing the release of their oils so you’re left with a perfectly balanced espresso. Both the pre-infusion features and the brew temperature are programmable, making it easy for even the most amateur of coffee aficionados to have a hand at the ideal espresso. Just add some freshly ground beans and a bit practice and you’ll be on your way to becoming your very own barista!

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