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Energy Efficiency – How To Save Energy In Winter

Energy Efficiency – How To Save Energy In Winter

As Game of Thrones fans like to say, winter is coming. In fact, it’s nearly upon us! The chilly season can be a little expensive with the electricity and gas bills that follow it, however. To tackle that, we’ve put together six tips for saving energy this winter.

Heat from the sun

The sunny, sunny winter daytime has an impact on the heat in your home. By keeping south-facing curtains and blinds open during the day, heat will enter room. Keep them closed in the evening to prevent the outside chill creeping in, and you can reduce reliance on your heater.

Choose an efficient reverse cycle AC

You can’t really talk energy saving in the winter without considering the energy efficiency of devices; particularly reverse cycle air conditioners. Choosing the right sized system is essential, and particular attention should be payed to its energy efficiency ratings too!

For those with a currently installed system, check out how to keep it clean.

Insulation Installation

Homes without insulation in the walls and ceiling will lose heat much faster than those with. Of course, this isn’t a quick fix; it’s an undertaking that requires professional installation. But it’s well worth investigating.


The Draught Problem

This one’s pretty simple – look out for any draughty spots in the house and plug them up. Gaps near windows, under doors and any other obvious cracks that reveal themselves. Keeping a house warm is as much about preventing heat from escaping as it is about using a heater.

Add a Jumper and Lower the Heat

Separately, suggesting one wear more clothes or turn down the heating temperature to save energy might elicit an eye roll, but together, they’re actually a great tip. Plenty of people make the mistake of blasting the heating from the air conditioner or heater at the highest temperature. Suddenly the room is stiflingly hot, and the only way to feel comfortable is in shorts in a T-shirt!

The logic seems sound – it’s cold, so why not turn up the heat? The reality is, you should be in a warm outfit, and setting your heating temperature as low as you feel comfortable with. This doesn’t mean wearing chunky jumpers and scarves around the house, though (unless you want to!)

A lower temperature reduces the energy consumption, in turn lowering the power bill.

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