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Enjoy Movies in Style with a Panasonic SC-BTT880GNK Blu-ray Home Theatre

Enjoy Movies in Style with a Panasonic SC-BTT880GNK Blu-ray Home Theatre

When it comes to the home entertainment experience, a great TV is incomplete without a Blu-ray Home Theatre System to provide the best experience. The combination of crystal clear images and powerful surround sound can transform a humble living room into a home theatre sanctuary. Soon you’ll be skipping the cinemas to chill out at home with a movie, or one of those TV box sets Santa left in your stocking. Sound good? Our tips for creating a theatre experience in your home:

Choose your Theatre System

The “home theatre system” refers to the disc player and its attached speakers. One of the best is the Panasonic SC-BTT880GNK Sound System 3D Blu Ray Home Theatre, available as one of our end of year sale deals. With a 5.1 channel speaker system and Blu-ray playback, it’s got everything a home theatre needs. To make everything a little easier, the system is Wi-Fi enabled and can even be controlled by a smartphone app!

Panasonic SC-BTT880GNK Blu-ray Home TheatreFurnish the space

Is there a better way to enjoy movies than in a recliner? Look around Boxing Day sales for nice, comfy recliners that have a wide degree of movement for best results. In a larger space, or where there will be many seats required, buying more than two recliners may not be cost effective. However, guests will still want to put their feet up, so consider a couch, such as a three seater, with matching, moveable footrests. The other piece of the furniture puzzle is tables – for all the snacks, of course! Look for small, unobtrusive tables that can stack away to the side of the room when not in use, to reduce clutter.


On the subject of snacks and drinks, it’s worth considering a bar fridge for the home theatre. Generally, they’re cost effective and will save guests and hosts from running back and forth from the kitchen whenever a drink or a bite to eat is desired.

Also, don’t forget to stock up on popcorn!

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