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Enjoying a Smaller Coffee Machine

Enjoying a Smaller Coffee Machine

Readers of the Betta Blog will know we’re big lovers of our coffee. We’re also big believers in the idea that there’s a coffee machine to suit everyone, whatever their budget. Some fully featured coffee machines can run into the high three and four figure sums and while these are usually fantastic machines, not everyone has a need  to spend that much on a single kitchen appliance.

That’s why we love the Breville BEC300MW Coffee Machine! It’s a fantastic little coffee machine, that won’t break the bank.  It’s a Nespresso machine, so it brews coffee from a pod, rather than from manually scooped grounds.

We’re also big fans of the milk frother jug that’s included. Extracting the espresso is usually the easy part; it’s getting the milk just right that can be a real challenge for baristas at home. Rather than manual operation, like steamer nozzles on the more expensive coffee machines, the UMilk attachment froths milk automatically, to get it to the right texture and temperature.

As we mention in our buying guide, selecting a coffee machine has a lot to do with the amount of daily use it will see. But why sacrifice the occasional cup just because you don’t drink coffee every day? You mightn’t need it all the time, but it sure is nice to have! The pods are all individually sealed, meaning you can keep a small supply on hand, but not have to worry about them going bad as quickly as ground coffee would. A smaller, pod-based coffee machine like this is also great for the occasional coffee drinkers!


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