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Find a New Style in 2014 with the Remington HC70 Hair Clipper Set

Find a New Style in 2014 with the Remington HC70 Hair Clipper Set

Plenty of us will make New Year’s resolutions in 2014, be it eating healthier or being more productive. One thing that might be overdue for a change in 2014 is a gentleman’s grooming habits. Many men have a grooming routine that maintains a specific look, but may be unwilling to make a change A tool like the Remington HC70A Hair Clipper (Corded) can help a man shake this up and carve out a new look for a new year, without the need to visit a barber or stylist.

A good set of clippers is a tool every man should have at his disposal. That set, when it comes to the Remington model, includes multiple pieces for preferred cut and level, depending on the type of hair being trimmed. They’re designed to handle multiple situations, from a simple shape-up to an entire style change. The set also includes a useful barber’s cape, combs and cleaning and oiling attachments.

Remington HC70 Hair Clipper Set

In past decades, men have been expected to be clean-shaven in order to be presentable. But that time is over! Razor blade sales have been in decline (which is great, because they’re expensive!) as more men embrace facial hair. A set of clippers maintain stubble without letting it progress into a fully fledged beard. Depending on preferred stubble length and hair growth, the clippers may only be needed once a week, or even less!

Of course, the Remington HC70A clippers are not just useful for facial grooming. They can also maintain hairstyles. The popular look of a quiff with buzzed sides is an attention-grabbing one that looks awesome, but does require maintenance to stop it from growing out and looking shaggy.

So embrace a new style for the New Year! It’s a simple feat with the right clippers. Fortunately, the fantastic Remington clippers are on sale as part of the Betta end of year sale.

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