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Finding Fujitsu

Finding Fujitsu

At Betta, we’re big believers in reverse cycle air-conditioners. They’re a hard proposition to argue with – they’re one appliance that works hard to create a comfy environment through all the seasons. One appliance also means a one-off installation, and so less hassle all round.

While not the most glamorous of home appliances, we’d guess that if most Aussies had to name a random Air Conditioner brand, they’d pick Fujitsu. They’ve been a staple in Australian homes for years, and they continue to be today, which is why they’re part of our range.

Fujitsu do make Cooling Only models of AC, but since we’re headed into the colder months, we figured it’s better to focus on heating.



Being wall-mounted, permanent fixtures of the home, it’s important to have an air conditioner with a design that’s not too intrusive, and that fits with existing décor.

Fujitsu’s range is classically styled, with sleek and compact white units that do the job, but don’t pull focus.

Choosing Size & Power

When choosing an air conditioner, getting the size and power level right is absolutely essential. That’s because of one simple thing: electricity. Split system air conditioners use a fair amount of electricity, compared to other appliances in the home. For that reason, an over-powered unit will be using more than necessary, and an underpowered unit will be run harder to compensate.

Fujitsu’s range of reverse cycle units starts at 2.5kW, which is low-power consumption and designed for a smaller room, like a home office. Units move up to around 5 kW, which works well in a medium sized area of the home, like a bedroom. Units run all the way up to 9.2kW, and these are made for open-plan homes with vast spaces to cool.

So, for keeping warm in winter and cool in summer, you can’t go past a Fujitsu!