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Frozen Summer Treats

Frozen Summer Treats

When it comes to summer fun, there’s one thing on every kid’s mind, one thing that can make a day running around the park or beach even better. That thing, of course, is ice cream.  There’re plenty of flavours, toppings and ways to serve it, but no matter what, it never fails to put smiles on the faces of kids and big kids alike.

Ice cream from the tub is an Aussie staple, but a lot of people don’t know just how easy it is to make your own at home. With an ice cream maker like the Sunbeam Snack Heroes machine, mums, dads and kids can churn out a litre of ice cream at a time. Preparing the mixture is a lot like preparing custard and then the maker will do all the hard work. The machine even includes recipes to get you started, and ease you into the sweet role of ice artisan.


Maybe the best part of making your own ice cream is the potential for flavours beyond the usual chocolate/vanilla/strawberry fare. Get the kids in the kitchen and experiment with their favourites, like maple syrup, peanut butter or hazelnut spread.

Ice cream or not, there’s a whole bunch of frozen treats that go down great in summer. Some of our favourites:

Ice cream sandwiches

If you want to go beyond the bowl or cone for serving your creation, ice cream sandwiches never fail to impress. Sandwiched between two biscuits, ice cream edges can be rolled in sprinkles or dipped in chocolate for a little extra sweet kick!


Homemade Ice Blocks

One of the best things about making your own ice blocks is that you know exactly what goes into them – no additives or colours needed to make a great treat.  All you need is a great selection of fruit, a blender and some ice block moulds to get the perfect shape.


Chocolate Covered Bananas

Simple to make and a joy to eat, these are as easy as melting chocolate and dipping the banana into it, preferably on a stick. Sprinkle over topping – like nuts – when still wet so they can set into the chocolate, and then leave in the freezer for a few minutes to cool!

Frozen Grapes

There’s no trick to these – they’re literally frozen grapes. That doesn’t stop them from being delicious! Plus, with no additives, they’re one of the healthiest frozen treats around.


Images by Flickr users: leedav, stu_spivack, ralph and jenny, Elias Rovielo

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