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Sunbeam Snack Heroes To The Rescue

Sunbeam Snack Heroes To The Rescue

This summer we’re loving Sunbeam’s Snack Heroes range – super cute kitchen appliances that make playing with your food a good idea! We previously took a look at the cake pop maker, but we didn’t want to withhold it’s awesome friends! They are perfect for getting the kids into the kitchen and keeping them entertained during the holidays.

When the munchies hit, there’s only thing to do – call the Snack Heroes with the Sunbeam Snack Heroes Waffle Stick Maker!

Sunbeam Snack Heroes Waffle Stick Maker

We’d never heard of waffle sticks until we came across Sunbeam’s Waffle Stick Maker but they make perfect sense – really quick to make, fun bite-sized shapes and too easy to dip into your favourite toppings.

Sunbeam Snack Heroes Brownie Maker

Sunbeam Snack Heroes Brownie MakerWho doesn’t love brownies! Whipping up a delicious batch is a cinch with this cool Brownie Maker.  It’s as easy as pouring the mixture onto the non-stick plate and inserting the brownie cutter (also non-stick!) to get perfect-sized baked delights!

Sunbeam Snack Heroes Popcorn Maker

Sunbeam Snack Heroes Popcorn Maker

There’s nothing better than family movie nights during the school holidays, and what’s a movie night without the smell of fresh popcorn wafting through the house? Sure, you could pop a bag into the microwave, but it’s a whole lot more fun pouring corn kernels into a popcorn maker and seeing them transform into warm and fluffy popcorn right before your eyes.