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Get Ready for Footy Season

Get Ready for Footy Season

Everyone whose life has been missing a little something for the last five months can breathe a sigh of relief – footy season is nearly upon us. It’s a glorious time, and if you’re going to be leaping off the couch and screaming at the TV, you might as well do it to a shiny new screen! Plenty of people traditionally upgrade their TVs around grand final time, but we think it’s better to put the horse before the cart, and enjoy a great screen for the whole season.  We’ve got a whole range of screens to choose from, including LCD, LED and Plasma TVs. Below, we look at how to choose the right size for your home.

Picking a screen size

Conventional wisdom with TVs says that bigger is always better. This is mostly true, but you should try not to get carried away when making a choice. If replacing a TV, start out by checking the current one’s measurements. This gives you a starting point in terms of inches, and will help form a size range for the new screen.


It’s also wise to check the maximum viewing distance for a screen size, while also taking into account how far everyone in the family likes to sit from the TV.

Screen placement

Hand in hand with screen size is the issue of how the TV is going to be displayed – will it be wall-mounted or free-standing? This question comes down largely to the wall in the TV room, and whether it’s strong enough to hold up the screen. It’s also a matter of viewing angle, and where you’ll be sitting in relation to the TV’s position.

Above everything, however, it’s about personal preference and how you like to watch the footy. Just remember – if you find yourself on the edge of your seat during the season, you’ll be glad to be concentrating on a screen that’s not too far above eye-level.


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Image by flickr user Suzy J