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Get the House Back in Shape with the Bissell 1957F Steam Mop

Get the House Back in Shape with the Bissell 1957F Steam Mop

Christmas is over and all the stress associated with it is done and dusted for another year. There’s just one small thing – visiting relatives around Australia have stampeded through homes, especially where they were being hosted over the holiday period, or where Christmas lunches and dinners were given. Floors in particular receive a shellacking, and require some extra attention in the post-holiday clean up.  For anyone looking to get their home back into tip top shape after the relative-rush, we’ve got some tips and an item from our new year’s sale to make life easier.

Start with the Bissell 1957F Steam Mop Titanium Max to get the floors sparkling clean. It cleans surfaces with a combination of steam and the microfiber pad on the head of the mop. The head is large, so it can clean bigger area with the same amount of effort, meaning less pushing and pulling for you. On top of this, the fact that it generates steam to clean means no more toting a bucket around the house, or changing the water when it gets dirty. It’s all steam, which is not only cheap to run, but also cuts out the need for expensive and smelly chemicals. The mop also comes with a carpet refresher kit, for the carpeted rooms that have been subject to cousins and in-laws.

Bissell 1957F Steam Mop

Cushioned furniture, like couches and sofas, will need a good vacuuming too. They’ve likely had their crevasses filled up with crumbs, scraps or wrapping paper and maybe even a little loose change. Best practice here is to remove all the cushions, where possible and shake them out. Once that’s done, vacuum the area beneath them as thoroughly as possible and then replace – good as new!

You can check out more on the Bissell 1957F Steam Mop on our website, and find it in our End of Year Sale!

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