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Give the Gift of Music

Give the Gift of Music

We can’t all say that we love Taylor Swift but most of us can say that if it’s not the country-pop songstress that floats our musical boat then it’s somebody else, whether it be Rihanna, The Beatles, Daft Punk or whoever. The point is that music is one of life’s simple pleasures, one that most – if not all – people find joy in.

Which brings us to our next point: when you’re stuck for a present for a friend, significant other, family member or acquaintance, a gift card is a good choice. A gift card for music is an even better choice. With an iTunes gift card, your loved one can choose from over 12 million songs available on the iTunes store, or even the thousands of movies, TV shows, audiobooks, games and apps. What better way to spoil someone (or yourself!) than with entertainment accessible right at their fingertips?

From Saturday 1st June to Sunday 30th June, you can grab a $20, $30, or $50 iTunes gift card from any of our stores, including online, for 20% off. Betta tip: purchase a few gift cards now and stock up for gift-giving later!

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