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What’s so great about side by side fridges anyway?

What’s so great about side by side fridges anyway?

Finding the right fridge for your kitchen is actually a big deal, there are many things to consider. Firstly you need to find a fridge that fits into the space you have so height, depth and width should be your top criteria. But once you have that set, what about colour? What about style? Do you want a standard look, or French door fridges or maybe go for something more sleek and elegant like a side by side fridge? Do you want a water dispenser or ice making unit, or both? Does the position of the freezer (top, bottom or side) mean a lot to you? Don’t let this overwhelm you. Finding a fridge is a fun exercise. Why? Because you’re contributing to the heart of your home and the kitchen is where household members will spend a lot of their time. We think side by side fridges can be an excellent addition to your home and here’s why.


They’re sleek, sometimes considered sexy. They make a statement and always compliment the look of a kitchen.

LG Side By Side Fridge


Because of the huge amount of space, you will be amazed at how much food you can fit in the fridge and freezer compartments.


This style of fridge is whisper quiet. Some brands like LG say that it’s a result of their new style of compressor that operates with less vibration and less noise than conventional compressor systems. But remember like any fridge, it can make some noise if it’s not levelled properly, so ensure that this is taken care of when you install it.

Even temperature throughout

Due to the side by side design, these fridges are able to keep the temperature even throughout all of the compartments. Remember with older style fridges, you’d have to be careful about where you placed certain food items? I remember not being able to put anything in the top right hand corner of my family’s old fridge because it was guaranteed to be half frozen by the next day!

Ease of reach

Again, the side by side design plays a major role in making your life easier in the kitchen. You no longer have to be on your knees or on your tip-toes searching for items buried in the freezer. Everything you use regularly can be placed within an easy arms reach.

You may not need plumbing to have an ice and water dispenser

This is a major plus that many consumers enjoy. Some brands may need it but rest assured there are brands out there, like LG, that provide side by side fridges which don’t require plumbing. This means you get to avoid any complications and still get to enjoy cooled water and ice dispensed on demand.

All-in-all side by side fridges can bring a lot of functional benefits to your kitchen while looking fantastic. So be sure to explore all of your fridge options out there because you’re bound to find one that fits your needs perfectly.


To see what side by side fridges are available to purchase or rent talk to one of our specialists.