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Our Top 3 Healthy Hot Weather Treats for this Summer

Our Top 3 Healthy Hot Weather Treats for this Summer

As the mercury rises, one thing on everybody’s mind is a cool treat. It’s tempting to head to the shops and stock the fridge top to bottom with ice cream, ready and waiting to help the family cool off.

But too much sugar is never a good idea, even when the temperature is pushing 40 degrees. So instead, we’ve got a few simple ideas for sweet treats this summer that take advantage of seasonal fruit, and require little or no added sugar!

SodaStream + Fruit

You’ll need:

  • SodaStream
  • Seasonal summer fruit

We’ve talked at length about how much we love our SodaStream both in our Betta Advice as well as on the Betta Blog. If you’re not too familiar with it, it’s essentially DIY fizzy drinks. Doing it yourself means you can avoid lots of the added sugar you’ll find in commercially available soft drinks.

While the brand has plenty of great flavours to mix in, you can go freestyle by adding your own fruity mixtures to your soda water. With your blender, blitz together your ingredients, strain and top with soda. If you like it pulpier, you can add some of that in too!

Betta favourites for this method include watermelon, peaches and blueberries – all three come up fantastic!

Ice Blocks

You’ll need:

  • Ice-block moulds
  • Fresh fruit

Making your own ice-blocks is delightfully simple, and the end result always looks fantastic. Getting that taste right is all in the mixture, so experiment a little. You can add sugar when you need to, but if you’re using a mostly fruit-based mixture, it’ll likely be sweet enough. It’s just a matter of blitzing the mixture and then pouring into moulds.

For a healthy twist, try using coconut water in place of plain water, or yoghurt to make them creamier!


Iced Latte

You’ll need:

  • 1 shot of espresso
  • Your favourite milk
  • Lots of Ice
  • Optional: Condensed milk OR simple syrup

Here’s one for the grown-ups, and it’s not so much a recipe (because it’s pretty simple) as it is a reminder that iced lattes are absolutely delicious! Capsule coffee machines make this very easy, since the espresso shot produced is consistent and evenly measured.

Add as much or as little milk as you like, to taste. Since regular sugar won’t dissolve too well in an iced drink, try using simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water, heated then cooled). Or, substitute a small amount of condensed milk in the mix, which will give the latte a wonderful sweet creaminess.