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Hi-Sense Tablet for Back-2-School

Hi-Sense Tablet for Back-2-School

School shoes, stationery, backpack, uniform. In the back to school rush, some of the staples never change. But one thing parents might not have considered for the new school year is a tablet computer. They’ve become very cost effective quite quickly, with one of our favourites being the Hisense M470BSS Sero 7 Pro Android Tablet 7 Inch. It’s a great size for the school bag, and powerful enough to handle everything the school year might throw at it.


Memory on the tablet is expandable with SD cards, so the price isn’t inflated by huge amounts for storage. Ten hours of battery life means it won’t need to be charged in the middle of the day either, a problem that can plague other devices. Stacked up against a traditional computer, a tablet is far more affordable, and super-functional for schoolwork.

Some of the best school features of the Hisense Sero7:

Google Docs

Since it uses the Android operating system, Google’s best tools are built right into it. These include assignment and homework essentials, like Google Documents, which has the functions of multiple programs on the PC. It can be a word processor, a spreadsheet, or a presentation creator. For that last one, slideshows can be run right off the tablet, meaning they’ll look fantastic and allow your little genius to build the presentation skills they need to succeed.

Since they’re all online, every document is stored securely by Google and constantly auto-saved. In Google Drive, the documents can be accessed on almost any other device, like a school or home computer. This will be music to the ears of anyone who’s ever lost a flash drive or had an important assignment file corrupt!

Apps for every subject

Beyond Google Docs, there are literally hundreds of thousands of apps on the Google Play store. These apps range from history and science tools, to study aids for when exam time rolls around.

Parental controls

Of course, it’s pretty easy to think that a tablet computer, with all the games and movies it offers, would simply be another distraction for a student in class, rather than a help. However, the tablet has built in parental controls that can be configured to keep the focus on studies; just set them up before handing it over. Plus, the controls can be relaxed when your child has some down time!

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