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How to Get Fit With Wearable Technology

How to Get Fit With Wearable Technology

So you want to get fit. Or fitter, depending on how ambitious your goals are. Most modern research suggests that setting smaller goals does not only reward you quicker but people with small goals along the way to a bigger goal are more motivated to stick with their fitness regime.

Wearable tech allows you to track pretty much anything these days. Be it steps, sleep, heart rate, distance, elevation, calories burned and much more. All these measurements can be taken as a metric for defining small goals. You could start out by saying you want to run 15 minutes non-stop or you want to sleep more than 7 hours each night. Or maybe you want to burn a certain amount of calories per day or stay within a certain heart rate during a workout to optimise fat burning? Whatever your personal goal is, wearable technology can help you to get there and be more motivated along the way.

Which device is best for you?

Choosing a fitness tracker is dependent on what you want to achieve. Are you training for a marathon? A device that tracks your distance with GPS and your speed would be ideal. Need to stay connected during your workout? A tracker that displays caller IDs and text messages helps with that. Don’t really know what you want to track because you just want to move a bit more and get fitter that way? A device with different built-in functionalities such as automatic workout detection, heart rate monitor and sleep analysis would be the best option.

How to improve your fitness data

First of all, make sure you calibrate your tracker according to the manufacturers manual. Most devices require you to run or walk a certain distance or to do another scalable activity and track your effort with the fitness device.

If you want to make sure to get the most out of your workout, be sure to keep a close eye on your heartbeat. The Fitbit Charge HR lets you do that effortlessly as it tracks your heart rate all day long and can give you an objective insight on when it’s time to put more effort into a workout or when to take it easy.

Last but not least, make use of the leader boards of most of the current fitness trackers on the market. Almost all of them let you share your stats with your friends and it’s incredibly motivating to finally pull ahead of your partner because you’ve been putting in a few extra runs this week.