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How to Have a Healthy Winter

How to Have a Healthy Winter

There are plenty of things to love about winter, but the sniffles definitely isn’t among them! Staying healthy in the colder months is more of a challenge, but there are some very simple ways to give yourself a fighting chance, and to keep the tissue box at bay!

Wash your hands

The simplest tip of all! It stands to reason that if more people get sick in the winter months, there will be more germs flying around. Help stop them by washing your hands often and thoroughly!

Eat well

Getting all your nutrients is key to staying healthy. The good news is that there’s plenty of great produce that’s readily available in winter. Plus, since the produce is seasonal, it’s usually cheaper! On the vegetable side, there are plenty of lovely greens, like Brussels sprouts and broccoli. Add to these the year-round staples like potato and pumpkin and there are many meal possibilities.

An easy way to dose the family with veggies is to make a soup! Hearty and healthy, soups have the wonderful effect of filling the house with their aromas as they cook. To simplify soup making, all you need are the right tools:

  • Invest in a large stockpot if you’ll be cooking for a large family
  • For pureeing soups like Potato and Leek or Pumpkin, grab a stick mixer and do it all in the pot!
  • If you prefer a single-pot/appliance option, go for a dedicated soup-maker
  • Make sure you have a nice big ladle to dish it up!

On the fruit front, citrus is high-quality and plentiful in the winter months. Packed full of vitamin C, oranges and mandarins should be gracing the family’s fruit bowl for the whole season.

Stay Warm

Staying warm isn’t just about heating up your home. Sometimes Aussie winter weather can fluctuate between the chilly and the tepid in the span of a few hours, so dress warmly when out and about! It’s better to have the warm clothes and shed some layers than to shiver and expose yourself to the cold.

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