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How to keep cool without Air Conditioning

How to keep cool without Air Conditioning

Summer is finally here! But it’s not without its ironies – after all, we spend time enduring chilly weather, waiting for the mercury to rise, but as soon as it does we’re also quick to complain. “It’s summer, hooray!” seems to turn to “I can’t sleep because it’s too hot at night!” in a matter of days. Air conditioning is a wonderful luxury for keeping cool, but sometimes, it’s simply not on the cards. In a home without an air conditioner, it’s important to stay cool – not just for comfort, but also to stay healthy. Here are our top tips.

Face your Fan out, not in

Fans are a cheap and energy efficient alternative to air conditioners. They don’t draw a lot of air in from behind them, so facing them inward often isn’t that effective. The best way is to face your fan out the window and open another one to allow air flow. It sounds odd, yes, but it creates a cooling airflow in a room. If there is only one window and facing the fan out doesn’t help, place a bowl of ice cubes in front of the fan facing you – it’ll pick up the melting water and create a cool mist providing gentle relief from the heat.

Use damp cloths

Dampen a towel or bed sheet and hang it in front of your open window. It will cool down the air as it enters the room and can work wonders cooling down a whole space – provided there is wind.

Don’t forget to re-moisten the sheet once it dries!

Alternatively, try the Egyptian method and use a damp towel as a blanket at night!

Take a cold shower

If you don’t have the luxury of a pool at home or living close to the beach, taking a cold shower will offer some relief, keeping you cool for a while. If you don’t have time for that, start by cooling your wrists, and move to other pulse points.

Stay down

Heat rises up, while cold air drops down. If your bedroom is on the upper level, consider sleeping downstairs.

Turn off

Electrical appliances create heat. Lights, computers, dryers, keep them all off to stay cool. In the kitchen, a hot stove or oven will contribute to heating up the room, so only use those appliances as necessary.