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How to make a Terrific Toasted Sandwich

How to make a Terrific Toasted Sandwich

What’s not to love about a jaffle, or toasted sandwich?

This humble creation gives new life to leftovers and makes a tasty treat or snack. Some die-hards might like to argue that the two are wildly different: a jaffle has pressed edges to keep the fillings from oozing out, while a toasted sandwich does not. But when it comes to deliciousness, we think this is a moot point!

Preparing any old jaffle is as simple as putting a fresh sandwich inside that favourite of small appliances, a sandwich press, but making the ultimate jaffle with perfectly balanced and melted-just-right ingredients requires consideration and care.

Here’s how you can make a mouth-watering toasted sandwich:

Pick your slice

The right bread is essential for a delectable jaffle. Common supermarket sliced bread has earned its place in the toasted sandwich community because its uniform size and texture are ideal for filling and pressing. This kind of bread works best in something like the Sunbeam Sandwich Maker (GR6200), $34.95, which will seal the edges to keep the jaffle crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The Sunbeam press will also cut across the sandwich, giving you two perfectly sliced triangles, chock full of melted deliciousness.

If want to go fancy with a bread like Turkish or Ciabatta, this Sunbeam Sandwich Press (GR8450), $69.95, is a great choice. It’s a flat press so you can toast bigger sandwiches, apply pressure and control how thick or thin you want your jaffle.

Fill ‘er up

When it comes to the fillings, the options are pretty much endless. First things first: butter your bread and place it into the sandwich maker buttered side down. Accompanying your choice of deli meats and/or sliced vegies (grill them first for ultimate taste) should be a melt-y cheese full of flavor such as Tasty, Swiss or cheddar and condiments like Dijon mustard, pickles or relish. Don’t be afraid to try quirky fillings such as canned spaghetti, baked beans or quinoa. Sweet over savoury? Layer some Nutella and sliced banana for a dessert jaffle.

Getting toasty

Depending on your sandwich maker, it should take 3 -4 minutes to cook. Try to keep yourself from biting into the sandwich as soon as it’s done; let it cool a little first as a lot of heat can get trapped in the layers.

Do you have a favourite filling?

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(photo by  avlxyz)