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How to Make Perfect Coffee At Home

How to Make Perfect Coffee At Home

There’s plenty about Australian culture that’s famous and world-renowned; meat pies and lamingtons and the like. But less well known is our deep love of coffee. As much as we love our cafes, sometimes it’s nice enjoy a great cup of coffee at home. While there are plenty of options available, like pod coffee or automatic machines, today we’re focussing on manual coffee machines. So, tell your favourite barista they can expect to see less of you – below are our tips and tricks to help you get the best cup possible at home:

Selecting the beans

Great coffee starts with the beans. Supermarkets stock a range of brands, and a more expensive blend does not always mean it’s better. So, it is best to experiment with different blends and brands to find the flavour that suits you.

If you find yourself at a café and particularly enjoying the coffee, ask them what kind of beans they’re serving. They may be serving a popular brand that can be bought in the supermarket, or they may have the beans available for direct sale.

Grinding it up

Here’s where things can get a little tricky. Even the very best coffee beans can turn out a lousy cup if the blend is off. That’s why a great coffee machine needs a great grinder to go with it. Once you’ve got your beans, grind up a small batch and test it out. Lean towards a finer grind to start with, and always record the setting it was ground on – you’ll need to remember what works.

When it’s being dispensed into the cup, coffee shouldn’t come out too fast (grind too coarse) or too slow – it should pour out like honey.  When it’s packed down into the capsule, be gentle; too compact and it won’t brew properly.

In sequence, these steps seem a little complicated. But remember: it’s all easily mastered – it just takes a little work at the outset and your barista skills will grow.

The right milk

One thing many people don’t realise about the milk in their coffee is that it hasn’t just been heated up. The steamer nozzle on a coffee machine is what adds body and texture to milk, creating foam too.


To steam your milk, start with a steel jug and milk thermometer. This ensures you don’t accidentally burn the milk, as the thermometer has markings for optimal temperature. Then, position the nozzle to steam in the milk so the sound it makes is like a hiss. This provides the milk with texture but won’t overly foam up.

When you’re done, pour into the coffee slowly, and enjoy!


What are your tips for a great coffee at home?


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 Cover image by Flickr user Umer Shabib