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How to: Organise Your Fridge and Pantry

How to: Organise Your Fridge and Pantry

Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s important to keep it well organised. In fact, a recent study in 2012 estimated we spend over three years of our life in the kitchen! To make life a little easier in all these hours, take some time out of your day to implement a few good organisation practices in your fridge and pantry. We’ve put together a few handy tips below.

Lose the original packaging

One of the best habits to adopt in the kitchen is moving ingredients into uniform containers. Foods like cereals, pasta, rice, flour, sugar and salt all come in plastic or paper containers, most of which don’t stay airtight once they’ve been opened. You can keep these essentials fresh by transferring them to sealable containers, and maximise organisation at the same time.

Choose a set of sturdy plastic or glass containers, preferably ones that will stack, for both the pantry and the fridge. These can store fruit and veg as well, organising them in a tidier fashion than in plastic bags from the supermarket.

Don’t lose sight of anything

A common trap most of us fall into is pushing items to the back of the pantry or fridge and placing newer items in front of them. Generally, we don’t go back there unless we’re specifically looking for something, so this can either lead us to forget about certain items, or worse, see them begin to rot.

A good rule to follow for both pantry and fridge is line of sight. If items are stacked up more in front than in back, and you can’t see what’s behind them, it needs reorganisation!

Choose a functional fridge

We’ve been selling fridges for decades now, and have seen how storage designs have been steadily changing over the years. Simple shelving has given way to more drawers, clever racks and even quick access doors for frequently-used items like milk.

For those still running older (and likely less energy-efficient) fridges, better storage is one of many reasons to make the switch to a new one.


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