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How to Plan an Awesome Kids Room

How to Plan an Awesome Kids Room

Whether you’re a novice or an interior design expert, you’ll always need to take a more considered approach when planning a kid’s room. Not only do they grow fast, but we know all too well how quickly they change their minds about their loves and hates. On top of that, kids need a space that can accommodate them and their moods as they go from homework to play to sleep.

Here’s how you can get in their good books with an awesome room revamp:

Stop, collaborate and listen

Your home probably has a signature style that flows through every room, and your kid’s bedroom is where this style meets their personality. To make this a harmonious union for all, it’s important to listen to your son’s or daughter’s own ideas – realistic and not so realistic – on how they would like their room to look and to work out what will be practical.

Get spacey

For a room with limited space, a cabin bunk bed which houses a single bed, storage and a desk is a great option as it takes up a fraction of the space that separate pieces would. For a shared room, a bed in a neutral colour like this Jester bunk, $499, will nicely fit into any colour scheme. Break up the space and provide some privacy with a divider like this white panel screen.

Cabin bunk bedCut the clutter

It’s impossible to guarantee your kids will keep their room clean, but you can certainly encourage them! Kids are magnets for “stuff,” and ample storage will help them stay at least somewhat organised.  Aside from the usual bedside table, a larger unit like a tallboy is incredibly useful and versatile as they can display their cherished figurines, trophies and stuffed toys on top.


Art attack

Add colour to the room with a zany, scenic backdrop against a feature wall, matched with bright trimmings on the curtains and fun cushions in different shapes and sizes thrown around. This is where you can let your kids run a little wild; let them pick which colours they want used throughout their room.

Music to the ears

Playing background music is a great way to help children stay focussed, especially in a large family where there are constant distractions throughout the house.  Audio books are also good for keeping the kids entertained; not to mention they’re educational too! Browse our range of radios and iPod docks here.

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