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How To: Save When Buying an Appliance

How To: Save When Buying an Appliance

Buying a new appliance for the home, whether big or small, can be a lot of fun, or it can be a little stressful, depending on how you approach it. It’s a delicate balance between getting what you want, and staying within your budget. For saving money on appliances, some ideas are pretty obvious: shop the sales, check around for the best price, etc. Others might not be so clear, so in this post, we’re going through a few of the things to keep in mind while appliance shopping.

Get the features that are right for you

It’s so tempting when shopping for an appliance to reach for the shiniest, most feature-packed option available. The truth is, the bells and whistles aren’t for everyone, and you definitely don’t want to be paying for features you won’t get a lot of use out of. An example: if you drink a lot of green tea, you would probably find a lot of value in a kettle that can heat to multiple temperatures below boiling. But if you’re more into English Breakfast, and other teas that only require fully boiled water, you’re better off with a less feature-packed (and cheaper) kettle.

Do your research

Shopping around and doing price comparisons is an important part of buying appliances. With that said, the best thing about chatting with a local retailer is the customer service that can help you bring everything together to make a decision. The people that use and sell the products every day know them best, can get to know you and can help guide you to the best deal. At the end of the day, that kind of quality service makes all the difference!

Recognise when more is more

The price of larger appliances, like whitegoods, doesn’t just mean the upfront cost. These are items you’ll have in the house for years to come, and they’ll all be contributing to your power bill. So always pay attention to the energy efficiency ratings. The largest items are usually the most used ones in a home – washers and dryers are used almost daily, and a fridge is never really switched off – meaning they chew through electricity.

So, energy ratings are part of the initial investigation before a purchase. In some (not all) cases, appliances with high energy efficiency ratings are more expensive. But, in the long term, they can mean greater savings!


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