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Introducing the Haier French door Fridge

If you’ve been searching for a fridge you can show off, here’s one that’s worth a look.

Haier 634L French door fridge HTD647RSS

With a stainless steel finish, Haier’s 634L French door fridge HTD647RSS will easily complement your kitchen and other appliances, particularly if you’re after a modern, sophisticated overall look. And, yes, you can maintain a sophisticated kitchen if you’ve got little ones running around, thanks to the fridge’s fingerprint resistant surface.

A fridge this big is perfect for people who love to entertain – it’s made for fitting big platters – or who generally have a lot of hungry mouths in the house!

Just look at all those shelves, storage compartments and foldable wine rack! The shelves are adjustable and spill proof so tall bottles, short bottles, wine, jars and sauces have all got a just-right place in this fridge.

And have you spotted that freezer? Looks impressive doesn’t it? It’s a generous 211L.

Haier 634L French door fridge HTD647RSS

On to the technology. This Haier has a few clever features that aim to prolong the life of your groceries. The Vitamin C Fresh Filter helps prevent oxidation of your fresh fruit and veg, locking in their nutrients; the multi-directional air flow system ensure even cooling throughout the fridge; a Fuzzy Logic program works to set the optimum temperature.

Convinced? What if we also told you that, in 2014, this fridge was also recommended by consumer advocacy organisation, Choice?

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