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Introducing: Kambrook

Introducing: Kambrook

Kambrook is a brand most Aussies have grown up with. Kettles, toasters and plenty more have graced our kitchens over the years, and this tradition continues today. Lately, Kambrook have been known for the wildly popular Blitz2Go Blender, which gym junkies and smoothie lovers alike have gone crazy for in the past few months. For those who can’t get enough of it, read our impressions of the Blitz2Go here. But, there’s plenty more to Kambrook than just the blenders! Here’s a few of our favourites:

Kambrook KPZ200 Rotating Stone Pizza Oven 

Kambrook KPZ200 Pizza Oven Rotating Stone

Homemade pizza is all the rage in entertaining, but it’s not always easy to pull off. Often they come out cooked on top, but with limp dough on the underside. The beauty of having a dedicated pizza oven appliance is its ceramic stone, which succeeds where the conventional wall oven fails. The stone conducts heat evenly beneath the base, cooking the dough through and crisping up the crust, like a professional oven would.

Kambrook KSC700 Slow Cooker 5 Litre

Kambrook KT450R Toaster 4 Slice


Slow cookers are not just for the time-poor. The slow process is convenient for many yes, but it’s also very much about unlocking flavours and textures in meals that quick recipes simply can’t yield. The alternative is slow-cooking over the stove, but that brings with it a bunch of safety concerns, especially when there’s children in the house. We love this slow cooker because it’s got plenty of grunt and all the right safety features.

Kambrook KT450R Toaster 4 Slice

Kambrook KT450R Toaster 4 Slice

A serious family demands a serious toaster, right? While Kambrook have made toasters for decades, this is one of their finest, and most feature-packed. Undoubtedly, tastes have changed over the years. Once families stuck to sliced white bread, but the food revolution has brought with it thick sourdough and plenty of bagels, among others. This is a toaster that’s built for new tastes, with bigger slots to accommodate all of those larger foods.

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