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Kambrook Fun for the Whole Family

Kambrook Fun for the Whole Family

Today we’d like to introduce some handy Kambrook appliances that will take you all the way from your entrée through to your dessert. Have a read of this blog and then scoot over to our Kambrook YouTube playlist where you’ll find some great videos that will show you just how much your kitchen will love these appliances and have you saying “that’s Betta!”

Is it a kettle? No, it’s a soup maker! A good meal starts at the Kambrook 1.6L Simple Soup Maker, $99.95, which looks unlike any other soup maker you’ve ever seen before. There is a touch digital control panel so simply throw in your ingredients, set it to “smooth” or “chunky” and leave the stainless steel blades to do their magic – that’s your soup course sorted. The Kambrook Simple Soup Maker heats, blends and serves so you can easily whip up large quantities of soup (perfect for freezing now and eating later), baby food, milkshakes and it’s also capable of crushing ice so you can add cocktails to the list! Check out the video below to learn how to whiz up a delicious pumpkin soup with the Kambrook Soup Maker.

Now to keep the little ones busy: turn them into little chefs with the Kambrook Little Chefs Cake Pop Maker, $34.95. Bake delightful and delicious cake pops in 3 easy steps, and then invite the rest of the family to join in on some decorating fun. The Cake Maker cooks 12 pops at once and comes with 24 reusable cake pop sticks. Get some yummy inspiration for the Cake Pop Maker from the video here.

Then there’s also the Little Chefs Ice Cream Maker, $39.95, which uses unique freezing bowl technology to churn out a single serve of soft homemade ice cream in less than 10 minutes. Want to know what the secret to a great bowl of ice cream? Find out in the video here

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