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Keeping Your Vacuum Healthy

Keeping Your Vacuum Healthy

We’ve got vacuums on the brain at the moment because over on our Facebook we’re giving away 4 amazing cleaners, all from the Dyson range.

Today we’re going to run through some of our best tips for maintaining a healthy vacuum and keeping up its performance over the years:

Empty the filters

Practically anything in your home that blows or sucks air will have a filter inside it – from the air conditioner to the clothes dryer. Most vacuum cleaners are the same. The filter traps dust and dirt and helps keep it all inside the unit, but it can build up. Clean your filter regularly to keep suction up and reduce strain on the machine.

Clean the cleaner

The brushes on vacuum attachments are what lift the nasties out of carpet, but they don’t do much good when they’re clogged up with hair and dust. It might not be pleasant, but you should always remove any excess dirt from the brushes before use. On the bright side: it’ll improve suction and help cut down on cleaning time!


Emptying the collection

One of the major problems that results from a full dust chamber on a vacuum is loss of suction. The other connected issue is the strain this places on the engine. You can hear it as the vacuum tries to work harder to keep cleaning.

For bagless vacuums, empty them as often as possible, and be thorough with cleaning all dust and dirt out. For bagged vacuums, you’ll want to be more discerning, since those bags cost money! Pay close attention to the different sounds your vacuum makes so you can easily tell when it’s straining. At that point, you know it’s time to empty bag.

Re-using bags

For those who feel like getting a little crafty, consider re-using vacuum bags. This involves gently opening them from the bottom, where the folds are and emptying them out. Once everything is gone, use strong clips or some well-placed tape to seal them back up and you’ve got a new vacuum bag! The bag can be re-used a second time, but any more than that is likely to degrade the bag.


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