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What’s best for a small business – laptop or tablet?

What’s best for a small business – laptop or tablet?

If you run a small business, you know just how much having the right tools and equipment can make a big difference in your day-to-day operations. When it comes to technology – specifically, computers – you might find yourself trying to decide between laptop or tablet. They’re both portable, affordable and, let’s face it, look schmick.

Every business is different. Not only that, everybody works differently. So, the important thing to keep in mind when shopping for a new computer for your small business is: what tasks will you be performing, and what is your preferred mode of working? Let’s look at some key considerations when it comes to deciding between laptop or tablet.

When it comes to tablets: how do you feel about using a touch-screen interface? Will you be able to perform all your business-related tasks in this way? Comfortably? Emailing on a tablet compared to a laptop is much-of-a-muchness (unless you send and receive a lot of files – that can also be cumbersome on a tablet), but using business applications such as spreadsheets and accounting and reporting software on tablets can be undeniably fiddly.

Asus Transformer Pad TF103C



ASUS Transformer Pad 

Where tablets do excel is connectivity. Most models have built-in 3G, which beats carrying around or dongle or being restricted by the nearest Wi-Fi network.

For some, laptops are it, purely because of personal preferences. They like the stability and the sturdiness a laptop offers. And, sometimes, you just need a keyboard. If you’re one of these people, but are still interested in giving tablets a go, consider a 2-in-1 like the ASUS Transformer Book – it’s the best of both worlds.

Another option, if you are so inclined, is to just have your cake and eat it too: use both. Nothing beats the content browsing experience on a tablet – this makes it great for researching, for example. And then the laptop can serve as your trusty, portable business support.



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