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Last Week to Get Your Hands on Our Exclusive Dyson Pack

Last Week to Get Your Hands on Our Exclusive Dyson Pack

This past month we’ve had an exclusive Dyson pack on offer for our customers and now there’s just one week left to get yours! Until Wednesday, 31st July, get a Dyson DC39 Multi Floor (valued at $699), a DC34 Handheld (valued at $279) and a bonus Dyson Car Cleaning Kit (valued at $139) all for a nifty price of $899, saving you $100!

Dyson Pack

There are plenty of good reasons why you might need two vacuum cleaners: for example, if your home has two storeys, do your back a favour and keep one vacuum upstairs and the other downstairs. Or, perhaps you have a holiday home where you could put the second Dyson to use? Alternatively, a vacuum cleaner makes a great housewarming gift – but which one should you choose?

If you’re constantly faced with tough clean up jobs and stubborn dirt, you need the Dyson DC34 Handheld. It’s a power-efficient cordless vacuum with a digital motor that’s three times faster than conventional motors and has Radix Cyclone technology so you’ll have a consistent level of strong suction across in all areas of the house. Weighing only 1.5 kilograms, the DC34 is handy for both longer and quick cleans.

If you find vacuuming to be a serious hassle, consider the DC39 Multi Floor vacuum cleaner which is designed for easy cleaning; it’s the only barrel vacuum cleaner with Ball technology, a central steering mechanism that allows the Dyson to smoothly turn on the spot and go wherever you need it to. The muscle head floor tool self-adjusts to suit any floor type and the wand can be extended, making it easy to reach under furniture and other tricky spaces.  A godsend for allergy sufferers, the DC39 also has a lifetime HEPA filter so that even the tiniest particles have cause for concern, plus Dyson’s Radial Cyclone technology helps the airflow to maximise suction power.

In the Dyson Car Cleaning Kit you’ll find 3 Dyson tools – compatible with most Dyson models – to clean your car’s interior, all in a handy case. There’s a Mini turbine head (ideal for picking up pet hair and other fibres), a Flexi crevice tool (reaches into nooks and crannies where other tools just won’t go), and a Stubborn dirt brush that loosens dried-in gunk like food and mud.

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