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The Latest in French Door Fridges

What is a French Door Refrigerator?

French door refrigerators have two double doors that open outwards away from each other at the top of the unit and one or more compartments underneath with their own separate doors. French door fridges are great compared to other kinds of fridges because they offer a diverse range of features such as specialised, adjustable drawers and compartments to help you organise and store your food better.

LG 730 litre French door fridge

LG 730 litre French door fridge with door-in-door easy access

Features and Design

French door fridges are also popular for their sleek, modern design and functionality.  Some of the best features are the wide interior space (great for entertaining), easy access self-closing freezer drawers, fingerprint-proof finish, spill-safe shelves and odour minimisers.

Temperature and humidity controlled compartments allow you to separate items by their climate needs so they can be stored in the optimal environment, helping them stay fresher for longer.  Most French door fridges also have water and ice dispensers.

Higher-end models sometimes have door-in-door access which allows you to store even more items in a separate compartment within the door. Some of these units feature convenient electronic controls on the front.

Haier 634 litre French door fridge

Haier 634 litre French door fridge

Size and Range

French door fridges are designed to be larger. Unit capacity ranges from 510 litres up to 730 litres. The width of French door fridges is around 800cm, and the depth around 900cm.

If you’ve got a large family that loves to congregate in the kitchen and around food then a French door fridge could be right for you. They offer flexibility and generous storage space that is easily accessible.

At Betta you’ll find a variety of French door fridges from a range of leading manufacturers including Samsung, LG, Westinghouse, Haier and Beko.