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Why choose an LG BP125 Blu-ray Player?

Why choose an LG BP125 Blu-ray Player?

Blu-ray discs have been around since 2006, growing in popularity around the world. In early years, there was uncertainty surrounding Blu-ray, seeing as traditional DVDs were wildly popular and the technology was expensive. However, integration in different home entertainment systems helped it gain a foothold and now it is the home entertainment standard. Despite this, there are still many homes without a Blu-ray player. This is perhaps because many are unaware of the amazing benefits of the medium or how prices have changed. Here are three great reasons to choose Blu-ray:

Blu-ray is cost effective

When the technology was emerging, Blu-ray players often cost in the hundreds of dollars and movies were much more costly than regular DVDs. Now, all of these prices have been reduced significantly, making the high quality entertainment an option for everyone. In the wave of Boxing Day deals around Australia, there are plenty of deals on both players, like the LG BP125 Blu-Ray DVD Player (BP125) and on single Blu-ray movies and whole box sets.

LG BP125 Blu-ray PlayerHD isn’t only in the TV

It’s true to say that all home entertainment costs have dropped in recent years, which has seen many families replacing older TV models with newer, LED HD models. The issue with this is that while they’re able to view HD digital channels, many are still watching DVDs, a medium designed for a lower grade of TV. To get the most out of an HD TV, you’ll need a Blu-ray player, which connects via HDMI port, to provide a markedly better picture than regular DVs.

Digital Delivery is still incoming

Many people argue against Blu-ray because online streaming is growing strongly. The answer to this is that satisfaction and pride found in displaying one’s collection of movies or TV – that can’t be found in online streaming. On top of this, Australia’s internet connections are still catching up to the rest of the world, meaning for some time, the best home viewing experience will continue to be Blu-ray.

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