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LG’s Stylish & Functional Top Mount Fridge

LG’s Stylish & Functional Top Mount Fridge

A great whitegood is one that delivers on both design and performance because, what’s style without functionality?

A fridge in particular should be judged on these factors: it’s constantly in use, so performance is essential, and it takes up major kitchen real estate, meaning it has to look great too.

At Betta we have a great range of fridges that are easy on the eye – to say the least – and work hard to meet your household’s needs.

One model we’re seriously impressed by is LG’s 515 litre top mount fridge which boasts a sleek white finish on the outside and clever features on the inside. Not mention top mounts are renowned for their cost and energy efficiency.

LG’s 515-litre top mount is the ideal size for a large household and provides flexibility to match your family’s changing needs. Suddenly need more fridge and freezer space for entertaining over the weekend? Simply manoeuvre the adjustable glass shelves and removable twist ice tray. Have a secret night snacker in the house? The LED lights will help them quickly find their sandwich ingredients.


Multi-air flow cooling ensures a consistent amount of chilled air is circulated around the fridge, and the Moisture Balance Crisper™ retains evaporated moisture from fruit and vegetables so your groceries will stay farm fresh longer. All seals on LG fridges are specially manufactured to prevent the growth of mould and bacteria and help maintain the fridge’s temperature – great news for your power bill. There’s also a built-in deodoriser so you won’t be met with any funky odours when opening the fridge door.

Check out the LG GN-515GW 515 Litre Top Mount Refrigerator here.
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