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Livin’ La Vida With The ASUS VivoTab Smart

Livin’ La Vida With The ASUS VivoTab Smart

We know what you’re thinking: “I already have a smartphone, and a notebook. What do I need a tablet for?” You’re not alone. This sentiment is voiced by most people when they first come across these sleek and compact one-piece computers.

The thing about a tablet is that it’s the perfect device for this modern world where mobility and efficiency are more important than ever; an age where we need to feel socially active and connected at all times, and expect to have the answer to any question right at our fingertips. For the average home-user, a tablet is great for those times when a laptop or even a notebook feels too clunky but a smartphone is too small to give you that full on visual stimulation you crave. Those moments when all you want is to casually browse the web at the same time as watching TV; or catch up on news articles on the train; or watch the latest episode of Community snuggled up in bed. If you – like most people – are a serial multi-tasker then you have many reasons to get a tablet.

And that’s what you’ll get with one of the latest and better-designed tablets on the market right now: the ASUS Vivo ME400C-1B035W. The VivoTab Smart PC is a full Windows 8 slate tablet with beautiful visual clarity thanks to a 10.1” (25.65cm) LED display and 1366×768 resolution.

Weighing just 580 grams, 9.7mm in thickness and with 7 hours of battery life, you can take the ASUS Vivo 400 with you everywhere and use it all day long. In terms of connectivity, there’s only a micro-USB port (used for charging) but you can quickly transfer files via the micro-SD slot, built-in Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You can also easily exchange data with another NFC (near field communication) device simply by lightly tapping it. Take great photos with the 8MP camera (with flash!) on the rear of the tablet or easily Skype your mates with the front-facing 2MP. The tablet screen has just enough brightness for comfortable viewing and reading in most environments. The tablet has 2GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage and is powered by an Intel Atom Processor so you’ll be productively multi-tasking like there’s no tomorrow. The ASUS VivoTab Smart also comes fitted with some great Microsoft apps and games. Typing long passages on it might be a little fiddly, but that’s okay because that’s what you have a notebook for.

The ASUS VivoTab Smart ME400 comes in at an affordable $489 and from Monday 20th May – Sunday 30th June we’re throwing in a FREE copy of Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 edition (RRP $169) with every purchase. Head to this page for details on how to claim your bonus prize!

Buy the ASUS VivoTab Smart online now or find your nearest Betta Electrical store here.

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