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Men’s Grooming:Stubble Trimmers and Clippers

Men’s Grooming:Stubble Trimmers and Clippers

In celebration of our VS Sassoon Giveaway on Facebook, we’re taking a look at two of the most important tools a man can have for grooming: a stubble trimmer and a set of clippers.

Stubble Trimmer

Once upon a time, the clean-shaven man was all the rage. Commercials on TV proclaimed that a smooth face was the best thing a man could have. Fast forward to 2014 and we’ve got hipsters and beards, giving facial hair a popularity it hasn’t seen for some time.

A dedicated stubble trimmer is perfect for guys who don’t like the hassle of shaving with a razor blade, but also don’t want to grow out a full beard. Stubble can be kept at an optimal length, and there’s no need to buy expensive disposable razor blades.

That said, the smaller blades of a stubble trimmer also make it easier for the boys with beards to maintain their look. Large clippers, designed for thicker amounts of hair, often don’t have the flexibility a beard trimming requires.

Body Clippers

Not so long ago, men clippering their body hair was frowned upon by many people. Thankfully, times have changed! Now most guys feel free to style themselves as they see fit. Clippers are designed to cut a larger amount of hair, for shaving heads or trimming chest hair. In fact, many clipper models available are very similar to those used by hairdressers and barbers!

Choosing a model

A corded model may be slightly cheaper, but will be far less functional than a cordless model. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery is essential, as a good battery is what keeps the cutting power of the clippers strong.

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