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Never Lose Suction Again: Dyson’s New DC54 Barrel Vacuums

Never Lose Suction Again: Dyson’s New DC54 Barrel Vacuums

Next to paying taxes and flossing, vacuuming is one of life’s necessary evils. Thankfully, it’s not as torturous as it used to be – new, highly efficient, reliable vacuum cleaners make this dreaded household chore that little bit less dreadful.

Dyson are a trusted name in vacuum cleaners, known for developing everyday products that won’t let you down. Their DC54 barrel vacuums aren’t just built to last, but have a reputation for outdoing other vacuum cleaners of their type, and the new DC54 models do not disappoint.

As its name implies, the Dyson Multi-Floor Barrel Vacuum Cleaner (202106-01), $799, is designed to conquer all types of flooring, sucking up all dirt and dust in its path. It features Cinetic cyclone technology, which stops the tiniest particles from escaping the vacuum’s suction. This model is also outfitted with Dyson’s newest Ball technology, which allows awkward-free on-the-spot turning. With the Multi-floor’s low profile, getting at the hard-to-reach areas under furniture is easy-peasy.

When you’re living with allergies or asthma, cleaning becomes not just about the dust you can see, but also about the dust that settles into your furniture. The Dyson Vacuum Cleaner DC54 Allergy (65029-01), $899, will eliminate these worries. Once its mattress tool has extracted all that irritating dust from your bed and sofa, you’ll be breathing and sleeping easier.

If you’ve got furry, four-legged friends sharing your home, Dyson’s DC54 Animal Barrel Vacuum Cleaner (65027-01), $999, is a good choice. Unlike most cleaners, this one doesn’t use a pre-motor filter, but rather a post-motor filter that requires zero washing and replacing. The ultra-efficient Cinetic cyclones catch the tiniest particles, even those that you’d need a microscope to see! Meanwhile, a tangle-free turbine head means hair is sucked straight into the bin of the vacuum – no more pulling off clumps of hair by hand, ick!

For that extra Dyson edge, the DC54 Animal Pro Barrel (65022-01), $1099, has the tools for every surface in your home. With six different vacuum heads that are sure to have all angles covered, you’ll be able to clean your home without the built-in yoga workout!

The DC54 range doesn’t leave anything behind – that means a cleaner, healthier home for everyone, whether on two or four legs.

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